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Project Description

Oxygen Analyser

Oxygen Analyser
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To monitor oxygen level in Nitrogen Gas Generator we required to install an Oxygen Gas Analyzer. This Analyser will be digital type mounted in Control Panel. In case of high O2%, it will give signal on panel and in turn impure gas shall be vented to atmosphere through vent valve provided in our system.

Details of O2 Analyzer are :

Sr. No Descriptions Details
1. Make Nucon Engineers
2. Range 0-30%
3. Display Digital
4. Resolution 0.1%
5. Sensor Galvanic type made by citicell-USA
6. Power 230 V AC
7. Alarm 230 V AC, NO/NC
8. Recorder Output 4-20mA

Applications :

  • Gas Purity Check
  • Combustion Efficiency Studies
  • Giove Boxes
  • Cryogenics
  • Microbiology
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage Packing
  • Bio Technology
  • Electronics
  • Flue Gas Analysis