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Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina

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Activated alumina is made of aluminum oxide and shows high adsorptive characteristics. Activated Alumina is used to adsorb moisture present in the compressed air for better dew point. It is porous material with high surface area. Activated Alumina can remove a variety of contaminants including excessive fluoride, arsenic, selenium, moisture without changing its properties. Its excellent regenerative properties made it popular to use in PSA desiccant based drying systems. It can be regenerated with our without application of heat depending on type of use. We have Ex-stock availability of activated alumina with technical assistance for use.

Salient Features

  • Diameter size: 3-5mm &5-8mm
  • Dew Point: (-) 40 to (-) 60°C
  • In Spherical shape & size
  • No loss in Attrition
  • Better Results
  • Constant Performance
  • Safe to use