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PSA Hydrogen Gas Plant

PSA Hydrogen Gas Plant

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We design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of PSA Hydrogen Gas Plant, Hydrogen Gas Generator. Hydrogen gas is obtained from Cracked Ammonia by removal of nitrogen gas present in the mixture of H2 & N2. Our Hydrogen Gas Generator is combination of ammonia cracker and purification unit. Ammonia is cracked in ammonia cracking system and pass it through a purification system to remove nitrogen gas and achieved better dew point. Now this Pure Hydrogen gas can be stored in Hydrogen Storage Receiver. From storage tank hydrogen gas can be used to further application.

Salient Features

  • Hydrogen Gas Purity- 99%
  • Dew Point- (-) 70°C
  • Skid Mounted Unit
  • High Performance
  • Automatic Operation


  • Steel and Metal Industry
  • Energy & Power Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • ForWelding purpose
  • Pharmaceutical Industry