Nitrogen De-Oxo Plant, Vadodara, India

Nitrogen De-Oxo Plant

Nitrogen De-Oxo Plant

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A high-purity de-oxo nitrogen plant is a specialized facility designed to produce nitrogen gas with extremely low levels of oxygen content. This type of plant is commonly used in industries where oxygen-free or oxygen-controlled environments are critical, such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, food packaging, and aerospace applications.

For bright annealing applications, using High purity Nitrogen ensures the shining is best & reduces the annealing by great measures. The oxygen composition is decreased up to <3PPM which is super effective for bright results. By cracking ammonia in presence of Nickel catalyst, oxygen from the PSA Nitrogen downstream is reduced in presence of Palladium catalyst to achieve the lowest O2 purity stream by releasing water as the by-product. Proven methods of PSA, Ammonia Cracking, De- oxidation & Drying are amalgamated to provide a trouble free, on-site generation, lowest cost High purity Nitrogen.

Technical Specs

  • Range: 2 Nm3/hr. to 1000 Nm3/hr.
  • O2 Purity: <3 PPM
  • Moisture: (-)70 °C ADP
  • Pressure: 5.5-6 kg/cm2g